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GnuDIP Release 2.3 - Linux/UNIX Client README File
GnuDIP Logo

GnuDIP Release 2.3 - Linux/UNIX Client README File

This is the Linux/UNIX Client Package for GnuDIP Release 2.3.

The GnuDIP software implements a Dynamic IP DNS service. It provides clients with a static DNS name even if their IP address is dynamically assigned.

GnuDIP is written in Perl.

GnuDIP has two main parts on the server side:

With this client you can have your IP address updated automatically at several GnuDIP sites simultaneously. This client will only send an update to the GnuDIP servers if the IP address at the time of the last update is no longer valid, or enough time has expired. The validity of the old address is determined without generating any network traffic.

GnuDIP is released under the GPL. Please see the file COPYING included in this distribution for more information.

As mentioned, GnuDIP is written in Perl. More specifically, the requirements for this client are:

If you have a recent Linux, OpenBSD or such, Perl will probably be available on your installation CD.

This client comes with the Perl Digest-Perl-MD5 module, a pure Perl replacement for the Perl Digest-MD5 module, which does the MD5 calculation in compiled binary code. The faster Digest-MD5 module will be used if it is installed, otherwise the pure Perl Digest-Perl-MD5 module will be used.

As with the base Perl system, the Digest-MD5 module will probably be available on your installation CD. If not, you can check the support Web site for your OS distribution, to see whether a more recent Perl binary package has Digest-MD5.

To install the CPAN Digest-MD5 package requires the make utility, the C compiler and the linker for your system to be installed.

Read INSTALL.html for instructions on installing this GnuDIP client.

Read CLIENT.html for a description of how to use this GnuDIP client once it is installed.

You may want to browse the file credits.html.